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When android was launched in the smartphone market in 2008, google grabbed the huge cake piece from the smartphone operating system market. Today almost %90 smartphones have the Android operating system. That's making android dominates the smartphone market. Android operating system is lightweight, fast, and low cost which is why most people have smartphones with android installed as the operating system.

When things come to development most companies will choose android app development because of the market size of android devices. There are more than a billion devices has an android operating system and that is a big opportunity for companies to get into these devices as an application. If you have a company or startup you should have an android app to get the benefits of this market. We can build your android app without the team of expert android developers. With the huge growth of Android devices, android became the biggest competitor to the iOs operating system. Android app development is the best choice for companies, startups, and enterprises who wants to make profits from apps. We have android app development experts for developing fast, secure, and visually stunning Android applications.

We also offer native android app development services for individuals, companies, startups, and enterprises. We build Android apps from scratch and follow the Android Design, development guides, and rules. For many companies, Android app development is key to success to make profits and grow the company faster than before. Our team of android developers has solid knowledge and expertise in their fields.

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We are an android app development company,
We are passionate to build new things.

Android, Android Watch and Android TV apps

Android smartphones, android tablets, android watches, and android tv as the name on it are all android and they are all using the android operating system. We can develop your android app and we can run this application on all of the devices that use android. For most companies, individuals, and startups it's a huge opportunity to get their android apps. The second benefit is low cost. You do not need to create an app for each device and that is the very very cool thing to reduce the costs. At Mindasoft we are developing and designing Android apps for Android smartphones, android tablets, android watches, and Android TVs. Our expert team of android app developers will create fast and rock-solid apps for companies, individuals that want to grow fast.

IoT Development

Do you have Arduino or raspberry pi project that needs to be connected to the android app? We can connect your Arduino or raspberry pi project to the android operating system. The project size doesn't matter, we can connect your device to the android app with our expert team developers. IoT and android developers will work together to build rock-solid IoT devices for you.

Website Integration to Android App

Most companies have a website and most of them don't know how to turn their website into an Android app. We can turn your website into an android app By making just some of the modifications to your website and you will be ready to get into this huge android app market and grow profits.

Android app development increases profit

Having an Android App will increase the value and profit of your company

The number of smartphones is is increasing every day. There are more than a billion smartphones with android. When you have an app idea and turn that into an android app, that will make you get the benefits of the android app market and will increase the profit of your company. We are building applications loved by the users, grow your company faster with the help of high-quality and well-developed android applications. We design android apps following the android Standards and UI / UX design rules. These rules and guides are our priority for android developers while designing apps. We are making sure our team of android app developers delivers high-quality apps.

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The cost of app development is depending on the complexity of the requested android app. Authentication, likes, or any extra functionality will increase the amount of time spent. Also, it will increase the cost.

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We are an Android app development company, we build rock-solid android apps with stunning visuals with an expert team of android developers.

We are following Android development guides and standards.

We are building High-Quality Android apps with our expert team.