How Much Does It Cost to Build React Native App ?

Author : Fethi Dogan

React native is introduced by Facebook, and it allows developers to build cross-platform apps with a single code base. What that means is react native developer will write the code and that code will run on both android and ios operating systems. Most developers are choosing cross-platform app development instead of building native applications. Because it's fast to develop and flexible like React js framework. It's possible to build a big complex or simple app that focuses on a certain service. React native gives you the power to do them all.

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Why you should choose React native ?

Most startups have tight budgets and they don't want to spend all their budgets on app development. React native has less development duration when compared to native app development. Therefore React native app developers will spend less time to build cross-platform apps and you will be able have your application with tight budget. You can make your cross-platform app run on iOs, android, iPhones, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Android watch, and Android TV.

Also as we mentioned code reusability is super-efficient on react native. You can run your app on even the windows platform. You can click here to hire react native developers

React native is simple to build

What do you mean by simple? React native has a simple workflow, write the code and run it that's all. React native has the power to work on all iOs, android, and Windows platforms. Also, it is very easy to build designs and components in React native. Most companies and startups choose cross-platform app development to reduce their app development and app design costs.

React native is fast

React native uses the Javascript language. Javascript is a fast language and this shows us where React native's power is coming from. Javascript is widely used by web app developers, mobile app developers, and React native app developers.

Easy to integrate new features

React native is having the advantage of a single code base. We can easily update your old code or when you want to scale your app into bigger sizes we can easily scale your application into sizes that you need. It's also very easy for us to integrate new features into your mobile app.

Factors that change react native app development cost

If you have a startup and looking for cost-efficient app development. React native must be your first choice in all other options. Simply like the other app development cost estimation, it's not easy to give you an exact number about React native app development cost. But we will explain in this blog post section what factors change the cost of React native app development.

UI / UX Design

When you decide to have a React native or mobile app, you will also need UI / UX design which will help developers to understand your design requirements. If you want to have a React Native app that has less than 10 pages, that will not affect your cost of building the React native app. UI / UX design will not hurt the client budget much. We can design your UI / UX with our team of expert designers.

Custom Features

If you need custom features like authentication, review system, user profile, or any other features, that will increase the total amount of development. Every feature has more than 40 hours of development time. Some big features may take more than 100 hours. Our React native app developers will develop your custom features and we will deliver your React native app in a short time as much as possible.

App Complexity

The main factor that changes the React native app development cost is complexity. You can think of this complexity as tons of loaded features into mobile apps. As we mentioned earlier every feature takes time to be developed. You can think of this complexity as tons of loaded features into mobile apps. As we mentioned earlier every feature takes time to be developed. You can think complex apps are clones of big popular mobile apps. These apps have lots of features and custom functionalities inside the mobile app.

If you have a startup and want to build React native app with some core features. Your React native app will not cost much and fit the budget that you have, no need to worry about it.

Location of development company

Location of the app development company has a big role in changing the cost of React native app development. Developing the React native app in North America will cost you much more than developing it in Pakistan or India.

Category of app

Simple mobile apps like to-do list apps or calculator apps will cost lesser than a food ordering app or e-commerce app. Because a todo list app is easy to develop but an e-commerce app is much more complex and needs much more features than a todo list app.

Cost of building react native app

The cost of React native app development can depend on many factors. Some of the cost definer main factors are complexity and the design requirements of the React native application. The average of the React Native app development cost in a range from $10,000 to $100,000


React native is one of the most popular cross-platform mobile app development frameworks. In this guide, we will talk about what is the main factors that change the cost of react native app development cost.

  • Client design requirements. Complex design requirements for your next mobile application will increase the amount of total development and total design time. That will increase your total React native app development cost.
  • Number of features needed. The more features will make you spend more for your next React native application. Before you start to react to native app development you should have a complete list that what features do you need at the first stage.
  • Number of functionality. As we told in the features more functionality will cost you more. As an example, if you don't need a profile page for each user it does not need to be developed. If you need that feature later on react native app development company can implement this feature easily.
  • Category of React native app is another factor that increases or decreases the cost. Social media mobile app development will cost much more than a to-do list application.
  • Location of the React Native app development company is one of the main factors that change the cost. Indian app development company can give you a much cheaper offer than a United States-based company. Because in India hourly app developers' salary is in the range from $20 - $30 but the salary in the USA ranges from $100 to $150. There is also another thing that you should be aware of is, most of the time quality of the app will not be the same between India and USA.

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