How to increase app engagement?

Author : Fethi Dogan

When you have an app, you need to attract users and make them use your app. But how? In this post, we will talk about details of how to attract and keep users. As a user of a mobile phone, what would you think about free apps? I think you are thinking something positively right? Maybe you can give this free app a chance? We think the same with you, users tend to download and use free apps when it is compared to paid apps. Because you will not pay for this app and if you don't like this app, it's easy to uninstall it and forget. We recommend you launch your mobile app for free, this approach will increase the downloads and will get much more user engagement on your mobile app.

Giveaway trial version of paid service

Assume that you have an app that has subscriptions with a different range of prices. Will you force users to buy some service that they never used before? Sure they will not accept something like that and leave your web app or mobile app. You should do instead of forcing something to buy you can give them 1 week or 1-month free trial version of paid service. If users like the service you can be sure that they will pay for the subscription also will recommend this service to their friends, neighbors, and even parents.

Solve only specific problem

Your app should solve a specific problem. That can be ticket apps, shopping apps, or hotel booking apps they all solve one specific problem. Don't focus on more than one problem if you are a startup. When your company gets bigger you can focus on problems in your industry. That's the key to a successful app, users will remember you as a ticket search app or booking app in their mind.

Use simple user interface and designs

Who wants to use a complex website or complex mobile app? The answer is simply nobody. If you've ever looked at big companies' websites and mobile apps, they have super simple designs and simply designed buttons. Because people don't want to spend their time trying to understand the functionality of the website. Keep your website design or mobile app design simple, which will make your users spend time on your app.

keep it simple

Be Simple

As we told you earlier simplicity always wins. Most people don't use nearly 80% of the features and functionalities of the fully-featured software or application. Having the core features and functions of a website or mobile app will be enough to attract users. Do not add the features in your app that people don't need, you can understand from user feedback which features you will need on the next update.

Use your marketing skills

You will probably think there is nothing to do and no need for any extra effort to make this app successful when your app is launched. Nope, your app is at the just beginning of the race. You should spend time on your app. The best way to show your app to the world is through marketing. That can be digital marketing, e-mail marketing, traditional advertising, paid to advertise, or working with social media influencers. You can focus on multiple marketing channels to increase app engagement.


Newsletters are the best way to get users to know what's happened on your app. You can send e-mails to users that want to hear news from you. You can reach thousands of users and make them revisit your app in a short time with newsletters. Add a newsletter form to your website or mobile app and allow them to subscribe to your newsletter list.

Publish blog posts regularly

If you are reading these lines you can be sure that blog posts attract new users. Because you found this article on search engines and search engine redirected you to this page. You can get more visitors by just writing blog posts about your industry. More blog posts about your industry will make you more visible on search engines. Also, blog posts will help search engine bots to understand what is your website or web app about. The latest researches tell us that, when an article has more than 1500 keyword it will likely rank better. Focus on long-tail keywords to make your article read by many readers.

Send Push notifications

Push notifications are one of the best ways to make users revisit your app. You can make users revisit your app with push notifications. You can say, hey there is a discount check the app. In that way, your app will be clicked more than once a day by a user. But do not send too many push notifications to users because that can easily bother the users and they can uninstall your app because of that. You can use notifications for something like announcements, user messages, or alerts. That's the best way to use push notifications.

Give free stuff to users

Users love free stuff. When you give away something, users will give your app a chance and they will download the app and use it. You can give away something like a physical product or a trial of the paid membership. Users will be happy to get this for free.

Be active on social media

You can get more engagements and attract new users from social media websites. You can post regularly from social media websites and the algorithm will make you rank higher. In that way, you can show your business to new customers and attract new users.


There are many ways to increase app engagement. This summary of how to increase app engagement will make you understand, how to retain visitors and how to attract visitors to your website or mobile app. 

  • Reduce the number of welcome pages in your mobile app.
  • Keep your mobile app or website simple, your web app or mobile app should be easy to understand.
  • Personalize the pages, make profile pages and allow users to change their background and profile pictures.
  • Send new users a welcome email.
  • When a user updates something or receives a message send a notification to the mobile device and send mail to his / her account.
  • Allow users to subscribe to your newsletter and send mail when you publish an article.
  • Send regular push notifications daily but not too much.
  • Offer trial version of your product.
  • Write blog articles regularly. That will help search engines to understand what is your website about.
  • Be active on social media. that can be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram maybe other social media platforms. Post regularly and be active on social media. That will help you to find new customers.

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