11 Web Development Trends to Follow in 2022

Author : Fethi Dogan

Web development is evolving every new year. New development trends are discovered to build much more faster and secure websites and web apps. If you have a business you should follow these trends to make your website stay always at the top. Because search engines are changing their algorithms and placing web apps to top which adapts their technologies to new trends. We know it might sound a little bit confusing, we are analyzed the new web development trends for you and made it simpler for you to understand.

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps are making users have a smooth experience like on mobile apps. Depending on the device you surf on the website it is bringing you much more flexibility and better performance. Most big companies choose PWAs for their app development due to the advantages of the PWA. Some of these PWA advantages are security, speed, user-friendly, SEO friendly, and cost-effectiveness.

Some Famous PWA Samples

We will take a look at world-known businesses chooses PWA. They increased their profits and reduced their costs with choosing Progressive web apps.

Alibaba increased their conversion 76% after choosing PWA

Washington post is improved overall performance by 88% with PWA

Twitter is reduced data consumption by 70% with PWA

Now we will analyze which technologies are used for building progressive web apps ( PWA )

react frameworks

Technologies used for developing PWA

Some technologies are used to build PWA and to follow web development trends. Angular, React, Vue, Next JS these frameworks are widely known by all Javascript web developers and are used to create progressive web apps. These frameworks are also known for their security and speed capabilities.

How Progressive Web Apps help your business

Progressive web apps have a direct impact on your business effectiveness. PWAs can help your company to increase brand awareness.

With the push notifications feature on PWAs you can stay in touch with the clients all your clients.

Save money from ads budget. You can let your customers know about a discount with simple push notifications. No need for extra effort to attract your existing clients.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google announced Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) in 2015. It was a super new technology in 2015 and google placed higher among the websites which have the AMP. Accelerated mobile pages are simply faster loading websites on mobile devices and it provides a much smooth web surfing experience than responsive websites. For example, if responsive page loads at 10 seconds AMP pages are loading in less than 2 seconds. Google's one of the most important ranking criteria is speed. When you adapt your mobile version of your website to AMP your ranking will be improved by google. Most Blogs and News websites are still using accelerated mobile pages for their websites to provide a much better user experience.

3. Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the widely known and most popular digital marketing strategies, it is mostly used by big companies and e-commerce businesses to grow their sales and let users know about discounts. It is not only used in the e-commerce industry you can use push notifications on any kind of website. 

Advantages of push notifications

Push notifications are very easy to use and super efficient to reach and make your existing customers revisit your app or website.

It is real-time and the online user will immediately see your banner on their computer or mobile devices.

Best way to let your clients know about updates on your websites or discounts.

Tools to use for push notifications

There are lots of push notification tools in the market. We recommend some of the best tools in the market for your next web development. You can use some of these services like push notifications to real-time notifications to your clients.

Onesignal, Pushbots are widely known push notification service providers in the market.

Tips to reach more clients with push notifications

It is important to know what you wrote on push notifications. Because when you send a push notification to all users there is no way to cancel it. Before you send double-check what you write.

Send your messages in the daytime, do not send your notifications at midnight, which can make most of your clients angry.

Do not send more than 2 push notifications in a day, so many notifications can disturb some users.

4. Single-Page Application (SPA)

Single page application is the best way to create fast and user-friendly websites with a mobile-friendly user interface. Many startups choose single-page application development trends for their next projects or products. It is a simple fast and cost-efficient single-page website. You can probably think where about and contact us page will be? The answer is simple, on the main page. All the important sections and pages are on the main page and when you click a section page automatically will scroll on this section. This is what a single-page application makes super-powerful, fast, and cost-efficient.

Use Cases

Most of the blockchain, dapps startups, and product startups mostly use single-page application trends to build their web apps in a short time with a tight budget. Some of the big companies also use these SPAs to introduce their new products.

5. Dark Mode

We know that light screens are not good for human eyes and dark colors are much more human friendly. If you spend so much time on the computer, bright screens can be harmful to you. Now big companies are showing an option on their websites and web apps in dark mode option. This dark mode is much healthier for your eyes and your monitor's energy consumption will be less when it's on the dark mode.

Use Samples

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Gmail, and many more big companies have dark mode options on their websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

6. Voice Search Optimization

Another web technology that most people use on the web and mobile is voice search. Voice search is simply searching for something on the internet or getting answers without typing anything.

How to optimize your website for voice search?

You can easily optimize your website or mobile app for voice search with some simple steps.

  • Focus on long-tail more than 5 keywords on your niche. That will make you get found by voice assistants easier.
  • Have mobile friendly version of your website and be clear of what is your website about.

7. AI Chatbots

Chatbots can be designed to handle simple or complex conversations. Ai chatbots can take heavy lifting from customer support. Today most of the big companies use ai chatbots to welcome users and reduce the human labor on customer support with ai chatbots. The chatbot industry keeps increasing the quality and the overall quality of its products every day. Most small and big companies are using these bots to make clients have a better experience on their websites and mobile apps.

Chatbot use samples

You can use chatbots for any industry that you need. That can be e-commerce or service provider, you can simply implement your ai chatbot in your website or mobile apps in under 5 minutes.

8. Serverless Architecture

There is a technology for reducing system overloading, data loss, and development costs. This technology is named serverless architecture. Serverless architecture runs on the cloud and allows developers to run their code on the cloud. With this technology, developers will not need to update, upgrade or maintain their servers. They will simply run the code on the cloud and relax. This technology is giving super flexibility to all developers. You can also run your IoT apps on the cloud with no extra effort.

Technology to use

Some companies provide Serverless architecture products. Amazon, google and microsoft uses and provides serverless architecture for their users.

9. API-First Development

Api is (Application Programming Interface) an important part of modern websites, web apps, and mobile apps. API connects to your or other's application and shows you smooth data flow. API first development trends give developers the flexibility to show any kind of data to users from any application. Imagine that a developer wants to create a mobile weather app, the developer takes this weather data from an external source and shows it to you. With the API-First approach, you can show any data from an external source to your users. It is possible to use API on all devices and on any platform that you need.

10. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things connects devices with humans. These devices can produce or process data and it uses UID which stands for the unique identifier. Today most people use wearables and they have location trackers on their animals to prevent them from getting lost. These devices are simply IoT devices. You can simply track your heart rate or find your lost animal with these devices.
these devices are also used to build next-generation smart houses. You can simply control your house from your mobile phone. IoT devices made our lives simpler and more efficient.

11. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is simply preventing your website from hacker attacks. You should keep your client's data secret from anyone, even from your employees. If your website isn't secure enough your client data which includes email and password can be exposed and this can get you in big trouble. We have so advanced technologies today to make all user's emails and passwords to keep in safe. We will explain which technologies and methods you can implement on your website to prevent being hacked.

  • Use multi-factor authenticator like google authenticator.
  • Limit access to specific and user related pages in your website.
  • Use rate limiting on your api endpoints.
  • Require strong passwords when users want to sign up your web or mobile app.
  • Use cookies and sessions.
  • Use captcha for suspicious users or bots.

Bottom Line

You can bring your website or mobile app development ideas turned into a real app with a help of a skilled developer team. Mindasoft can help you to have a web application or mobile application following the latest web development and mobile app development trends. Simply contact us to get help from an expert IT consultant.

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