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Do you have an old website that needs to be updated with stunning visuals and a strong backend? We update your existing website with our expert team of web developers.

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Website Modernization Service

The old websites modernized with the new technologies are faster than the older ones.

Maybe you have a website more than 10 years old. We know that the modernization of the old websites seems scary to you. Website modernization is not scary as you might think. We are using the latest technologies, languages, and frameworks to renew your website and keep the domain you have. Website modernization will make your website looks much more modern, beautiful, and faster than the older one. Also, modernized websites are ranking much higher on search engines than before because of the loading speed and the design system.

At Mindasoft we are building fresh designs on your existing domain with our team of expert UI designers. Also, we are building rock-solid apps on your existing domains with a team of expert web app developers.

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Why you should modernize your old website?

The web design trends are always changing, When you surf the internet you can estimate the age of each website or you can easily guess the development years of this website. The website that was designed in 2000 will not look prettier than a website made in 2022. Because today's visual technology of the web is so advanced than 2000. The web frameworks also advanced when compared to 2000.

This is why you should modernize your website and follow the latest trends in the web design world. Also, new technologies, languages, and web frameworks will make your website much faster than before. We are updating your old websites with the new technologies with a team of expert web developers.

website modernization service
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Website ModernizationTechnologies

We use React Js, Angular, Next js frameworks to modernize your old website.
The Languages we use for modernization are Html, CSS, and Javascript.

React Js


Next Js


Html 5

Css 3

Website Modernization attracts new users

Attract new users with the fresh and visually stunning design of your website.

Users love to surf websites has good looking user interfaces and do not want to spend their time watching loading icons on the website. Old websites are usually slow and the page loading speed of an old website is mostly bigger than 1.5 seconds. Users love to surf super-fast websites. Next-generation web frameworks provide a page speed is lesser than a second. That means the websites built with the next generation will rank higher on search engines and users will not see any loading icons while surfing on your web pages.

We do the modernization of your old websites in a short amount of time. We also have a team of expert web designers and web developers that will modernize your website with next-generation frameworks with stunning visuals.

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Do website modernization expensive?

Is my website will be offline while modernization?

Is my website lose ranking if modernized?

Benefits of website modernization?

Website modernization is not an expensive process like building a huge web application from scratch. Depending on the complexity of your existing website it can be updated into a next-generation website with a good-looking user interface with a low budget.

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Website Modernization Services

We are a website modernization and web development company, we turn your old and slow website into fast and good-looking websites and web apps.

We do follow W3C standards to develop fast and search engine optimized websites and web apps.

We are an Industry Leader in the modernization of old websites.